Four Freedom Films

Four Freedom Films is an independent documentary film production company based in London.


  • Lions & Tigers

    Lions & Tigers is the story of South Sudan's Wheelchair basketball team.

    Filmed in South Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia, it tells the heroic story of a group of courageous and inspiring young men determined to overcome all odds to follow their dreams.

    The players have overcome challenges that most of us cannot imagine. Many lost limbs to landmine and gunshot injuries while fighting as child soldiers in Sudan’s civil war. Airlifted by the Red Cross to a refugee camp in Kenya, it was here where they first started to play wheelchair basketball.

    South Sudan became the world’s newest nation in July 2011 and the exiled wheelchair basketballers returned to their homeland to fulfil their dream of forming a national team. But before long, war broke out in their young nation and many of the players became refugees once more.

    Despite all this they have never lost hope. Some of the team still practice in Juba, while others dream of returning to join their teammates. All of them hope that one day they can lead their young nation to Olympic glory.

    We have been filming the journey of this group of courageous and determined men for the past five years. Production is ongoing.

  • The Second Crisis

    Shot in 2013, The Second Crisis is a short documentary revealing the story of the devastating impact that the Syrian refugee crisis had on the most vulnerable people in Jordan.

    More than a million Syrian refugees have arrived in Jordan, a country of just 6.5 million. Rents have tripled, food prices are rising, water and electricity are becoming increasingly scarce. Many Jordanians can no longer afford to support their families and face eviction from their homes. This is their story.

    The film, which was partly crowd funded, had screenings in the UK and the US.

Who we are

  • Richard Nield

    Founder / producer / director

    Richard is a veteran journalist and filmmaker who has worked for many of the world’s leading media organisations. He is producer and director of two documentary films: The Second Crisis (2013), which tells the story of the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on impoverished locals in northern Jordan; and Lions & Tigers, a feature documentary about South Sudan’s wheelchair basketball team, which is in its fifth year of production. Richard has been published and broadcast by media including Al Jazeera, the BBC, CNN, France24, Deutsche Welle, MSNBC, The Economist, The Financial Times, Foreign Policy, Reuters, The Independent and others. Based in London, he has reported and filmed throughout North Africa, East Africa and the Middle East. He is trained with RISC in battlefield medical and wilderness first aid.

  • Jim de Zoete

    Producer / director

    Deputy Executive Creative Director at Red Bee Media in London, Jim is a multi-award winning creator of short film, documentary and advertising campaigns. Jim produced and directed the critically acclaimed BBC Four documentary 100 Seconds to Beat the World: The David Rudisha Story, and was one of Time Out’s 100 Most Influential People in the UK Creative Industries 2012. He has overseen all of the BBC channels as Creative Head at one time or another and in 2012 he was made Creative Director of all Red Bee’s content work building the department from scratch.

  • Sarah Caddy


    Head of production at Red Bee Media in London, Sarah is an award winning producer of documentary, short film, TV campaigns and content marketing. In 2015, she co-produced Unseen: The Lives of Looking, an artist’s essay film written and directed by Dryden Goodwin. The previous year Sarah co-produced the acclaimed BBC Four documentary 100 Seconds to Beat the World: the David Rudisha story. Previously, Sarah produced director Grant Gee’s critically acclaimed essay film Patience, which had its world premiere at the New York Film Festival and had UK and worldwide theatrical releases in 2012. She also serves on the BAFTA and British Animation Awards juries.

  • Alex Pritz


    Based in Nairobi and New York, Alex works on documentaries and news video with a focus on East Africa. He often works in hard-to-reach locations and has filmed in Kenya, Somalia, Iraq, South Sudan, Sudan, Liberia, Burundi, Haiti, Niger and a handful of other countries. He’s been trained in battlefield medical and wilderness first aid with RISC, and in Hostile Environments & Kidnapping. Alex was responsible for cinematography for the Lions & Tigers production shoots at Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya in 2015 and in Juba, South Sudan, in 2016.

  • Colin Cosier


    Colin is an Australian filmmaker and multimedia journalist based in Nairobi and working across the Horn of Africa. He produces short and long-form documentary and current affairs content for TV, print and online media. He has worked on every continent, covering stories from Afghanistan to Antarctica, and has broadcast credits with The Associated Press, AFP, BBC, ABC (Australia), SBS, and Fairfax Media. Colin was the lynchpin of the 2015 Lions & Tigers production trip to Gambella in Ethiopia.

  • James Stittle


    James is a veteran of the film and television industry with more than a decade's experience of everything from Hollywood blockbusters to TV documentaries. He specialises in documentary work and has shot for TV and online video projects throughout the world. James studied film at the University of Roehampton, one of the UK's leading film production schools. He is passionate about filmmaking that revolves around social or human issues. James was responsible for all the camera work on The Second Crisis, filmed on location in Jordan in 2013, and was instrumental as both cameraman and producer for the first Lions & Tigers production trip to South Sudan in 2012.

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